This Nutritionist Can't Eat Tree Nuts or Gluten—These Are the Snacks and Meals She Eats All the Time

When it comes to healthy foods and snacks, nuts always win top honors. The same goes for many products made with whole grains that contain gluten. But when folks with nut or gluten allergies or sensitivities get hungry, they can't just grab a pack of almonds or pour a bowl of wheat cereal. They have to constantly scan ingredients lists, especially since nuts […]

How to Beat Back Cravings When Just Seeing Sweets Makes You Lust For Them

[brightcove:5625921784001 default] Ever scarfed down a Boston cream (or homemade brownie, or leftover baby shower cupcake) from the office pantry when you weren't the slightest bit hungry two minutes earlier? Then you know that simply laying eyes on a sweet treat can lead to a serious craving. Sugary foods qualify as "hyper-palatable"— and a visual is all it takes to trigger […]