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This Is What a Gut Health Expert Eats in a Day

Health and wellness experts often give us tips for filling our plates with nutritious foods that help keep the pounds off, strengthen our immune systems, and improve digestive health. But have you ever wondered what they eat every day? We asked New York City-based gastroenterologist (and Health‘s contributing medical editor) Roshini Rajapaksa, MD, to keep a food […]

Aunt Jemima Products Are Being Recalled Over Listeria Contamination Fears

This article originally appeared on  A number of Aunt Jemima frozen pancakes, waffles, and French toast packages are being recalled due to fear of listeria contamination. New Jersey-based company Pinnacle Foods Inc. announced the move Friday, informing distributors and retailers that it would pull Aunt Jemima items from U.S. and Mexican stores after listeria […]

How to Eat Healthier According to Whole Foods' CEO

This article originally appeared in  Whole Foods Market co-founder and CEO John Mackey says learning to eat healthy is a lot like getting into a new gym routine: both require training. [brightcove:5420780143001 default] Mackey, speaking at Fortune‘s Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego, said both involve changing well-established patterns. He gave the example of […]