The Healthiest Sandwich Choices at Panera Bread

This article originally appeared on  With everything from paninis to flatbread sandwiches, Panera’s menu plenty of tasty choices. Here’s the catch—because of high-fat and high-sodium ingredients, a whole-sized sandwich is far too often a poor choice. If you downsize to a half sandwich, nutrition will stay in check, and with healthy additions such as […]

Avocado Chocolate Bars Have Finally Arrived

This article originally appeared on  Sure, maybe Avocado has been a wee bit overexposed. It’s on toast and in smoothies. There are entire restaurants dedicated to serving only avocado. But it's still damn good. And starting today, you can now get avocado in your chocolate. [brightcove:5339322755001 default] You can thank Compartés for the creation, […]