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What Is Manuka Honey—and Why Is It So Good for You?

Healthy foodies have fallen head over heels for manuka honey, a type of honey that hails from New Zealand. Pronounced "MAH-nooka," it's named after the manuka bush, from which bees gather nectar and pollen. In turn, these bees produce manuka honey, explains Frances Largeman-Roth, RD, nutritionist and author of Eating in Color, who recently went to New Zealand to learn about manuka honey.  […]

You're Finishing Up Whole30. Here’s What You Should Do Next

[brightcove:5718489415001 default] You've spent the last four weeks meal prepping, snacking less, upping your protein intake, and decoding food labels for hidden sugar. But now that your month on Whole30 is just about over, you're probably asking yourself one question: How will you re-enter the world without sabotaging your newfound healthier relationship with food?  RELATED: 5 Things You Should Know Before […]