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How to Beat Back Cravings When Just Seeing Sweets Makes You Lust For Them

[brightcove:5625921784001 default] Ever scarfed down a Boston cream (or homemade brownie, or leftover baby shower cupcake) from the office pantry when you weren't the slightest bit hungry two minutes earlier? Then you know that simply laying eyes on a sweet treat can lead to a serious craving. Sugary foods qualify as "hyper-palatable"— and a visual is all it takes to trigger […]

How to Ease Withdrawal Symptoms When You Quit Sugar, According to a Nutritionist

[brightcove:5389773848001 default] Eating less sugar can lower your risk of diabetes, help you lose weight, and even lead to brighter, younger-looking skin. But for most people, quitting the sweet stuff isn't easy—especially at first. "I've never had a single client who didn't have some sort of reaction to cutting out sugar," says Brooke Alpert, RD, nutritionist and author […]